Token sales take many forms including ICO, STO, IEO and Token for Share Subscriptions

The Isle of Man offers a uniquely cost-efficient and supportive environment for Digital Asset Custody (“DAC”). The regulatory environment ensures the industry is crime-free while providing a conducive framework in supporting growth.

DAC providers face challenges with fiat banking, unsupportive regulations, single-license concentration risk, and compliance and operational costs. The Isle of Man solves these challenges.

One can register as a Designated Business with the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) and conduct legitimate business in a safe, supportive, zero tax jurisdiction with a clean international reputation.

Bespoke design for each proposition

The Isle of Man offers a uniquely cost-efficient and supportive environment:


  • 0% corporate tax
  • Four weeks to incorporate a company and register for the sale
  • No capital gains tax
  • Access to bank accounts and crypto-friendly clearing bank
  • Government support for up to 40% capital expenditure
  • World-class technology infrastructure
  • Easy access to politicians and key decision-makers
  • Access to syndicate networks, market-makers and OTC desks


For other types of sales, we utilise the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands, depending on the needs of the client and objectives of the sale.


Alternative structuring to meet the needs of the proposition

We have extensive hands-on experience designing and executing token sales. Our experience includes the Isle of Man’s first hard-capped ICO, STO’s, Token for Share Subscriptions, first blockchain gambling license, the professionalisation of syndicates into exempt funds, passing the first crypto-audit and successfully obtain fiat banking for digital asset exchanges globally.