Licensing process

The process of obtaining the license is relatively straightforward in so far as it mirrors the standard/B2C/OGRA license, minus the B2C elements such as player funds protection mechanism, responsible gambling, and onboarding/monitoring of player activities for AML/CFT purposes. What we still require is ownership due diligence, key personnel due diligence and a business plan, financial forecasts and ancillary documents which we asset you with.

As will the B2C licenses, from the date we commence work, we would schedule having a suite of documents ready and submitted within three weeks. At the point of submission, the governments application is payable. The government annual software supplier license fee is £35,000 and payable following license approval.

Key features

  • speed; 15 weeks (or less) to obtain a software supplier license;
  • license holders are able to add software and/or games to the Central Software Register (“CSR”). This can then be deployed to any Isle of Man licensee without pre-approval from the GSC;
  • in addition, software supplier licenses are obtained for risk mitigation from existing group entities and resellers targeting specific markets;  
  • no corporate tax, withholding tax or capital gains tax;
  • granting assurance; we have a 100% success record for license applications spread over a decade;
  • no market restrictions –  it is up to the directors to comfort themselves they are operating in markets legally;
  • banking available in the Isle of Man, plus access to UK institutions for Isle of Man licensees;
  • world-class infrastructure, bandwidth and power resilience coupled with excellent data hosting facilities; and
  • politically transparent and extremely stable political system and easy access to politicians who work closely with the private sector.

Notes & fees

All games must be tested in line with the Online Gambling (System Verification) (No2) Regulations 2007. Games certified in another country with which the GSC has an information-sharing memorandum of understanding qualify without additional testing. Applicants with a successful track record are exempted from some of the financial reporting and business model elements of the process. 


  • Application fee……………………………£5,000
  • B2B Software Licence…………………£35,000 p.a.