Why the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has established itself as the premier jurisdiction for the regulation and administration of online gaming companies, providing unparalleled benefits to those who choose to license their businesses in the island.

From a financial perspective, the Island boasts a low betting duty, 0% Corporation Tax, 0% Capital Gains Tax, and 0% Inheritance Tax, making it an attractive destination for businesses and individuals alike. Plus, with incentives available for staff moving to the Island and generous grant assistance for businesses looking to relocate or base their operations, the Isle of Man provides an environment that supports and fosters growth.

In terms of regulatory structure, the Gambling Supervision Commission offers a simple and clear licensing regime, with all verticals fitting under one licence and an uncomplicated fee arrangement. Operators can choose from relevant licences, including Network Licence, Full Licence, and Sub-Licence, as well as White Label activities. A Software Supplier’s Licence is also available, covering a range of activities.

The Isle of Man is renowned for its player protection measures and innovative regulatory approach, with recent developments including legislation allowing digital currencies and other digital assets to be used in gambling and the licensing of the world’s first blockchain betting operator. And with the Island’s world-class ICT infrastructure and reliable energy sources, businesses can enjoy a safe and secure environment for their operations.

With SolutionsHub’s team of industry veterans and ex-inspectors, businesses can expect support and guidance every step of the way.

Supportive and accessible government

Politically transparent and extremely stable

Licence approval in 12 weeks from submission

One licence that covers all gaming verticals

Low Gaming duty

0% corporation tax and 0% capital gains tax

Experienced and globally respected regulator

No market restrictions

Local banking available

Crypto and skins betting permitted

Public/ Private sector collaboration via Digital Isle of Man

World-class infrastructure bandwidth and power resilience

World’s only tech hub in a UNESCO biosphere

B2B Licence holders list content on approved games register, with B2C operators able to deploy games without requiring pre-approval

Why we make the difference

We have been in the egaming industry a long time, with experience from both sides of the regulatory fence. We know the sector is highly relationship-driven and provide a client-first approach, delivering results on-time and on-budget, while always seeking to provide additional value wherever we can. Assisting startups, expansions, exits and more, we take pride in our clients becoming partners and achieving their goals.

Judges’ comments:

A staggering amount of product development, product flexibility, understanding this new market and commercial success. Clearly the winner.

15 years of successful licence applications

30+ licenses

100% license approval record

Ex-GSC inspectors and industry veterans

World’s first blockchain gambling license

Isle of Man’s first sublicense

Isle of Man’s first hard-capped ICO ($40m)

Isle of Man’s first ICO funded license

Isle of Man’s first first decentralised sports book

Isle of Man’s first token-based software license

World first crypto player protection solutions

Owner operated and no debt

No ‘time spent’ billing or additional charges

Substance planning and intellectual property management

In the modern age, one must create real economic substance to take advantage of a jurisdictions favourable economic and regulatory framework.

This includes ensuring the core income-generating activity is happening in the location a business declares profits and intellectual property is actively managed.

With decentralised organisations and remote working commonplace in the modern business environment, one needs to analyse each business with a fresh perspective.

Businesses can then avail themselves of cost-effective solutions to ensure compliance through a range of methods including; outsourcing, key staff recruitment/relocation and contractual arrangements.