The Isle of Man is going through a period of reinvention, as it has many times over the years, pivoting into finance, egaming and now blockchain and fintech. Agencies lack the motivation to assess and promote transferrable skills into new industries. Too many times people visit agencies for a change, only to be presented with jobs from within the same sector. As part of the SolutionsHub group, our motivation is to support the wave of innovation and identify transferrable skills from the high caliber of staff we have on our island, as well as attracting international talent to educate and grow new teams.

Being ‘side hustle’ for the SolutionsHub group, we do not rely on placement turnover. We only consider those with experience in gaming, blockchain or esports, or demonstrably transferrable skills looking for a new challenge. Similarly, we don’t work with just any employer; we work with those with interesting propositions and a plan for how to develop staff, proving real career progression.

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