Partner selection and management, team deployment and successful outsourcing strategies

We ease concerns around incorporating in a new jurisdiction by providing local, experienced professionals who ensure the company’s affairs are managed properly. Balancing entrepreneurial ambition with operational practicalities, we ensure each business is surrounded by the best partners to meet its individual needs. We support in the sourcing of proposals, vetting and management of deliverables. 

Substance planning and intellectual property management

In the modern age, one must create real economic substance to take advantage of a jurisdictions favourable economic and regulatory framework. This includes ensuring the core income-generating activity is happening in the location a business declares profits and intellectual property is actively managed, not just sat in a holding company and sold by foreign entities.

With decentralised organisations and remote working commonplace in the modern business environment, one needs to analyse each business with a fresh perspective. Businesses can then avail themselves of cost-effective solutions to ensure compliance through a range of methods including; outsourcing, key staff recruitment/relocation and contractual arrangements.


Recruitment and relocation

Our subsidiary, RecruitmentHub, is a licensed employment agency, experienced in building successful teams for gaming and blockchain businessesWe are most commonly engaged to assist with establishing teams on the island, starting with key management personnel capable of scaling operations from the ground up.

In addition, we provide training and key strategic support to the board, adding a wealth of experience in gaming, esports, payments, corporate governance, financial services, legality, and security.