MetaVault is an institutional-grade crypto asset custody solution, available with optional third-party A-rated insurance coverage of over $100m. MetaVault comprises of three layers:

(1) our proprietary technology to enforce the involvement of multiple independent signatories and operational security-by-design,

(2) wrapped in clear legally-enforceable ownership rights via a trust, and

(3) wrapped again in independent A-rated insurance.

This combination ensures that typical daily workflows are fast and efficient, but also that even in worst-case disaster scenarios, clients’​ access to their funds is timely and assured. MetaVault’s technology extends multi-signature security to all crypto-assets, even those that cannot natively support it.

MetaVault also offers custody with full theft and fidelity cover from A-rated London based insurers. MetaVault is a majority-owned subsidiary of Nous Global Plc, a London-based B2B Fintech with extensive experience in many areas of institutional and retail finance, including consumer-facing crypto-asset products since 2013.