SolutionsHub’s provided licensing support led by ex-Gambling Supervision Commission Inspector, Nick Wright. Obtaining the license on-time and on-budget, SolutionsHub guided the company to avoid common pitfalls and now assists scaling operations and driving value to the bottom line.

Isle of Man B2C Licence

Case Study: SuprNation’s Journey to Acquiring the Isle of Man B2C Licence

In 2020, SuprNation, a technology company with a strong foothold in the iGaming industry, embarked on a journey to acquire an Isle of Man B2C licence. This case study explores how SolutionsHub, led by ex-Gambling Supervision Commission Inspector, Nick Wright, played a pivotal role in this process.

Founded in 2015, SuprNation has been a hub for some of the most competent and creative minds in the iGaming industry. Their first product, a casino aimed at delivering a superior user and gaming experience, was launched in the summer of 2016. To scale their global operations and boost revenue, SuprNation identified the need for an Isle of Man licence.

SolutionsHub stepped in to provide comprehensive licensing support. Leveraging their deep understanding of the Isle of Man’s regulatory landscape and the intricacies of the licensing process, SolutionsHub ensured that SuprNation could navigate the process smoothly and efficiently.

Under the guidance of Nick Wright, a former Inspector of the Gambling Supervision Commission, the team at SolutionsHub was able to secure the licence for SuprNation on-time and on-budget. This achievement not only allowed SuprNation to expand their operations but also to avoid common pitfalls that could have hindered their growth.

With the licence in hand, SuprNation was able to scale their operations and drive significant value to their bottom line. SolutionsHub continues to provide support, assisting in the ongoing expansion of operations and contributing to SuprNation’s sustained success in the iGaming industry.

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