Isle of Man's first hard-capped ICO

First Hard-Capped ICO

With SolutionsHub’s regulatory and compliance advisory, Pundi-X was the Isle of Man’s first hard-capped ICO.

To conduct an ICO in the Isle of Man, one must register as a Designated Business with the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission and apply appropriate compliance practices.

Setting Standards

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Pundi X made a significant mark as the first hard-capped ICO on the Isle of Man. This groundbreaking ICO, which reached its hard cap at a staggering US$40 million, set a new standard in the crypto industry.

Pundi X, a company with a mission to simplify cryptocurrency purchases, has made buying cryptocurrency as easy as buying bottled water. Their innovative approach includes the wide distribution of blockchain-based point-of-sale (POS) machines, available in over 30 countries worldwide. This initiative has not only increased the accessibility of cryptocurrency but also revolutionized the way it is transacted.

The success of the first hard-capped ICO can be attributed to the dedicated team behind Pundi X. With a staff of 150, including over 80 focused on R&D, they have been instrumental in driving the company’s vision forward. Their efforts have led to the development of a regulatory complaint Initial Coin Offering and KYC/CDD structuring suitable to meet the business needs.

Pundi X’s ICO was further bolstered by SolutionHub’s syndicate network, which committed 5% of the offering. This support played a crucial role in the ICO’s success, demonstrating the potential of collaboration in the crypto industry.

As the first of its kind, it set a precedent for future ICOs in the Isle of Man and has shown how innovation and collaboration can lead to remarkable success in the cryptocurrency sector.

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