Need an account for a blockchain business, including exchanges, custody providers or ICO, STO and IEO funded businesses? We can help.

We have been in this sector a long time, putting in the hard work and long hours to secure banking for blockchain companies all over the world. At times this has meant trips to Asia, or Eastern European banking tours, or spending a week in a specific country to meet with bankers, have documents notarized by their local authorities and returning a to the bank a week later to open the accounts.

We now have many partners and a streamlined process to secure accounts and a straightforward process:

  1. Client confirms the instructing company and company’s address
  2. SolutionsHub issue a Letter of Engagement to the instructing party
  3. Client completes a simple application form
  4. SolutionsHub reviews and discusses with partners for pre-approval (5 business days max)
  5. SolutionsHub advises client of the option(s)
  6. Client provides due diligence specific to the selected the option/partner
  7. Final pack submitted and accounts opened within 10 days to 6 weeks depending on the selected partner(s)