Navigating online gambling regulations and compliance can be daunting. That's where SolutionsHub steps in. In this series our experts dissect the regulations, offering insights on how to remain compliant while maximising business opportunities.

Online Gambling Regulation Guide

Online gambling is an industry with millions of people enjoying the thrill of a virtual wager whilst out-and-about or from the comfort of their own homes. But what ensures that these online platforms operate fairly, securely, and in line with the relevant legislation? Enter the world of online gambling regulation, where dedicated regulators and diligent Inspectors work tirelessly to keep the industry operating correctly.

Nick Bowden, former regulator and now SolutionsHub’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, provides insights.

Drawing from experience as a former Inspector with the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (“GSC”), Nick provides insights into regulatory policies, their impact on the industry, and how they contribute to a safer gambling environment for all.

Responsible Gambling Guide

Holders of an online gambling licence, issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (“GSC”) under the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001 (“OGRA”, “the Act”), must conduct their online gambling activities in accordance with the conditions prescribed within OGRA and other relevant Isle of Man (“IOM”) gambling legislation.

Licence holders (or “licensees”, or “Operators”) are also expected to ensure suitable measures are in place, in order to adhere to the GSC’s core principles (“CP”), which are:

(1) To keep the gambling industry crime free;
(2) To protect the young and vulnerable; and
(3) To ensure that the facilities offered by licence holders are fair and that players receive their true winnings.

These measures include considerations towards Anti-Money Laundering and the Countering of the Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) and Responsible Gambling (“RG”). This guide analyses the requirements and expectations of OGRA licence holders from an RG perspective.

Marketing & Affiliates Guide

The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (“GSC”, “the Commission”) expect each applicant to have a clear, plausible, and actionable marketing strategy. The marketing strategy can be detailed within the Business Plan or a separate Marketing Plan.

Furthermore, the GSC expects each applicant to submit 3-year Financial Forecasts which include assumptions such as traffic volumes, player spend, cost projections, player acquisition and retention costs, return on marketing spend, etc.

This guide provides an in-depth analysis of the regulatory expectations, as well as an overview of the various marketing methods and detailed analysis of affiliates, potential partners and commercial terms.