Why we make the difference

SolutionsHub provides unparalleled expertise with registering and maintaining blockchain and crypto businesses under the Designated Business Act and Online Gambling Regulation Act.

Clients benefit from hands-on experience with complex regulatory and operational issues, including the world-first blockchain gambling licence, designing world-first crypto and player protection solutions, advising the Isle of Man’s first hard-capped Initial Coin Offering, registering the first insured digital asset custodian, helping professionalise syndicates into exempt schemes, obtaining the first decentralised sportsbook licence and passing the first IOM GSC crypto audit.

Isle of Man’s first hard-capped ICO at $40M

World’s first blockchain gambling license

Access to banking and payments partners

Executed multiple successful ICOs and STOs

Unparalleled expertise in crypto and blockchain

The Isle of Man’s first insured crypto custody

Access to syndicates and market makers

Owner-operated, no debt and client-focused

Speed of regulatory approval

Fixed fees for all engagements

Why the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has taken a leading role in creating and adopting regulatory frameworks for emerging disruptive industries, including blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Rather than focusing on specific technologies, the Isle of Man’s regulatory approach is technology-neutral, evaluating activities for regulation instead. This gives businesses the clarity and assurance they need as they integrate digital assets and technology into their operations.

Employing adaptable licensing agreements and conditions, often referred to as a Sandbox, the Isle of Man enables businesses based on blockchain or digital assets to investigate opportunities and adjust as the technology advances.

The Island offers a financially attractive environment for businesses, featuring a 0% standard corporate tax rate, and no capital gains tax.

Supportive and accessible government

Politically transparent and extremely stable

Registration in 6-8 weeks from submission

0% corporation tax and 0% capital gains tax

Experienced and globally respected regulator

Local banking available

Public/ Private sector collaboration via Digital Isle of Man

World-class infrastructure bandwidth and power resilience

World’s only tech hub in a UNESCO biosphere

Substance planning and intellectual property management

In the modern age, one must create real economic substance to take advantage of a jurisdictions favourable economic and regulatory framework.

This includes ensuring the core income-generating activity is happening in the location a business declares profits and intellectual property is actively managed.

With decentralised organisations and remote working commonplace in the modern business environment, one needs to analyse each business with a fresh perspective.

Businesses can then avail themselves of cost-effective solutions to ensure compliance through a range of methods including; outsourcing, key staff recruitment/relocation and contractual arrangements.